Important Info for Competitors - Competition Licence Medicals

The MCUI(UC) are aware of the ongoing issue regarding the problem some riders have had in regards to arranging a medical with their GP.

We have been discussing this issue with the MCUI(UC) Medical Panel and have come to an arrangement with Dr Campbell Brown.

Dr Brown has offered his services for completing riders medicals at his place of work in Enniskillen Hospital. This will be an after hours service with a fee of £25-£30.

Riders must provide their Medical Card complete with Health & Care Number along with the MCUI(UC) approved Medical Form.

To arrange an appointment please contact Dr Brown, Mobile number 07884180815.

You MUST provide your H&C number in order that your medical history can be accessed.

We'd like to thank Dr Brown for his help in this matter and hopefully this will resolve this issue.

John McAllister



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