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The MCUI Ulster Centre promoting clubs working together to promote the Ulster Superbike Championship and competitors for a better future of our sport!

The 10 Round Championships kicks off at Bishopscourt Race Circuit on Easter Saturday followed by Round 2 at Kirkistown on Easter Monday 2nd April 2018. St Angelo Enniskillen will also be used hosting Round 9 of the Championships on 6th October. The final Round will be at Bishopscourt for the popular Sunflower Trophy Races.

A £50,000 prize fund will be available for the riders with the Title Sponsor AJ Plumbing Supplies, and partners Metzeler Tyres, Loughview Leisure, Rea Timber Craft, Ernie Coates Race Support, Signstik, Media Partner Q Radio and web advertiser Kirkistown Track Days.

All other information with regard to rules, regulations, seminars and general motorcycling news can be found within the MCUI (UC) website


UlsterSBK Round 2

Click Below for the UlsterSBK Round 2 entry froms and regulations

UlsterSBK Round 1

Click Below for the UlsterSBK Round 1 entry froms and regulations

Superbike Competitors

Information for all Superbike Competitors

2019 MCUI(UC) License Medical form

2019 MCUI(UC) License Medical form available for download

2019 General Competition Rules

General Competition Rules available for download

Upcoming Events

Ulster Superbike Championship Awards Night

Friday 23rd November


Chimney Corner Hotel

For these events and more visit our events page


Young Guns

PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
155 Joshua Rae 125cc Aprilia52521 Race Wins2018 Champion
251 Alex Duncan 125cc Aprilia252  
311 Karl Lynch 125cc Aprilia249  
49 Liam Baird 125cc Aprilia205  
53 Heather Hawthorne 125cc Aprilia162  
61 Mark Aiken 125cc Aprilia160  
44 Lewis Crompton 125cc Aprilia160  
834 Braydon Cummings 125cc Aprilia128  
935 Ross Eastall 125cc Aprilia101  
1019 Alan Aiken 125cc Aprilia62  

Junior Cup

PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
1155 Johnny Campbell 300cc Kawasaki38210 Race Wins2018 Champion
27 Jamie Lyons 300cc Kawasaki3501 Race Win 
32 Cameron Dawson 300cc Yamaha3499 Race Wins 
420 Scott McCrory 300cc Yamaha2151 Race Win 
538 Edward Keogh 300cc Kawasaki156  
657 Michael Owens 300cc Kawasaki151  
770 Shea McCrory 300cc Kawasaki146  
814 Daniel Crossett 300cc Kawasaki97  
98 Andrew Kerr 250cc Kawasaki78  
1026 Nathan McGauran 390cc KTM68  
PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
118Paul Robinson250cc NSF Moto 3 Honda42913 Race Wins2018 Champion
267Andrew Cairns125cc GP Honda300  
333Nathan Cairns125cc GP Honda211  
4153Peter Shannon125cc GP Honda173  
58Christian Elkin250cc NSF Moto 3 Honda1113 Race Wins 
669Ronnie Scott125cc GP Honda94  
7149Malcolm Love125cc GP Honda80  
834Sean Leonard125cc GP Honda73  
94Jamie Lyons125cc GP Honda56  
1045Scott Swann250cc NSF Moto 3 Honda502 Race Wins 
 15Eugene McManus250cc Moto 3. KTM502 Race Wins 
PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
113 Gary McCoy 400cc Yamaha35710 Race Wins2018 Champion
249 Stephen McKeown 400cc Kawasaki2411 Race Win 
359 Darryl Tweed 400cc Kawasaki2226 Race Wins 
42 Alvin Griffin 400cc Kawasaki2011 Race Win 
581 Darryl Anderson 400cc Kawasaki1701 Race Win 
699 Luke Houston 400cc Kawasaki143  
71 Dean Campbell 400cc Yamaha118  
821 Scott Russell 400cc Kawasaki115  
956 Mark Camblin 400cc Yamaha93  
1010 Sean O'Neill 400cc Yamaha901 Race Win 

650cc Supertwins

PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
113 Gary McCoy Kawasaki3163 Race Win2018 Champion
223 Cahal Graham Kawasaki261  
320 Denver Robb Kawasaki1995 Race Wins 
450 Sean O'Neill Kawasaki1582 Race Wins 
51 Christopher Weir Suzuki121  
65 Marty Lennon Kawasaki1151 Race Win 
736 Mark Hanna Kawasaki1043 Race Wins 
877 Dave Liddy Suzuki98  
933 Chris Boyce Kawasaki90  
1027 Joseph Loughlin Kawasaki753 Race Wins 

650cc Production Twins

PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
163 Jonny Hanna Kawasaki3535 Race Wins2018 Champion
27 Adam Crooks Kawasaki2993 Race Wins 
364 Kevin Lavery Kawasaki2855 Race Wins 
4141 Mark Aiken Suzuki170  
5126 Thomas Hutchinson Suzuki165  
611 Paul Demaine Jun Kawasaki1621 Race Win 
783 David McCrea Suzuki146  
84 Andrew Dunlop Suzuki119  
954 Johnny McCay Suzuki102  
1092 Shane Sweeney Kawasaki1004 Race Wins 
PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
19 Johnny Irwin 600cc Honda3654 Race Wins2018 Champion
241 Johnny Aiken 600cc Yamaha3337 Race Wins 
370 Derek O'Donnell 600cc Yamaha2642 Race Wins 
488 Jonathan Gregory 600cc Yamaha240  
566 Andrew Brady 600cc Yamaha1957 Race Wins 
696 Simon Overend 600cc Yamaha117  
777 Kevin McGrath 600cc Yamaha112  
8101 Jonny Hamill 600cc Honda98  
95 Mervyn Griffin 600cc Yamaha85  
1016 Yarno Holland 600cc Yamaha73  
PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
138 Jason Lynn 600cc Yamaha36513 Race Wins2018 Champion
28 Christian Elkin 600cc Yamaha251  
315 Simon Reid 675cc Triumph156  
43 Mark Conlin 600cc Yamaha150  
570 Kia McGreevy 600cc Honda140  
657 Korie McGreevy 675cc Triumph1062 Race Wins 
794 Darren Keys 600cc Suzuki101  
829 Ryan Fenton 600cc Yamaha98  
967 Jack Waring 600cc Yamaha94  
1025 Lee Clarke 600cc Kawasaki93  
PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
167 Jack Waring 600cc Yamaha3263 Race Wins2018 Champion
229 Ryan Fenton 600cc Yamaha3222 Race Wins 
315 Simon Reid 675cc Triumph31612 Race Wins 
4651 Shane Henderson 600cc Kawasaki136  
533 Kevin Lavery 600cc Honda125  
687 Dylan Leonard 600cc Yamaha115  
745 Stephen McKeown 675cc Triumph91  
864 Daniel McClean 600cc Yamaha82  
9100 Kyle Nolan 600cc Yamaha73  
1098 Jonny Singleton 675cc Triumph 600cc Kawasaki81  
PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
14 Gerard Kinghan 1000cc Kawasaki394.513 Race Wins2018 Champion
247 Alistair Kirk 1000cc BMW3043 Race Wins 
3166 Ryan Gibson 1000cc Suzuki236  
421 Aaron Armstrong 1000cc Suzuki224  
522 Stephen McAdoo 1000cc Kawasaki136.5  
625 Charles Stuart 1000cc Yamaha902 Race Wins 
77 David Haire 1000cc BMW79  
842 Luke Johnston 1000cc BMW77  
9199 Barry Graham 1000cc Kawasaki75  
1016 Chris Campbell 1000cc Kawasaki69.5  
PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
116 Chris Campbell 1000cc Kawasaki36212 Race Wins2018 Champion
287 Dylan Leonard 600cc Yamaha249.52 Race Wins 
3108 Graeme Smallwoods 1000cc Honda2471 Race Win 
4270 Stephen Montgomery 1000cc Kawasaki226.5  
517 Stephen Magill 1000cc Kawasaki189  
677 Andrew Irvine 1000cc Kawasaki181.5  
79 Wayne Nicholson 1000cc Kawasaki123  
8199 Barry Graham 1000cc Kawasaki122.53 Race Wins 
912 Alan Armstrong 1000cc Suzuki111  
1060 Dean O'Grady 1000cc Honda102  
PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
155Peter O'Neill / Alvin Griffin. LCR Kawasaki 26310 Race Wins2018 Champion
21Dylan Lynch / Mark Gash. Eclipse Suzuki 2331 Race Win 
345Derek Lynch / Anthony McDonnell. Eclipse Suzuki 183  
434Fergus Woodlock. AN.Other. LCR Suzuki 116  
523Denis Cusack / Hugh Smith. LCR Suzuki  100  
63Scobby Killough / Eamon Mulholland. Suzuki 79  
33Andy Kennedy / Bev Domincan. ART Suzuki 79  
85Tommy Fitzsimons / Ultan Ferry. Baker Yamaha 57  
913Terry O'Reilly / Brian Butler. RSR Suzuki 55  
1085Philip McNally / Hugh Smith. Suzuki 53  

250cc Class

PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
187 Brian Mateer 250cc Suzuki25010 Race Wins2018 Champion
235 Gavin Duffy 250cc Honda1422 Race Wins 
314 Nigel Moore 198cc Honda80  
450 Martin Lyons 250cc Suzuki56  
540 Barry Davidson 198cc Honda502 Race Wins 
66 Kyle Parkes 198cc Honda32  
2 Peter Shannon 198cc Honda32  
843 Alex McVicker 250cc Honda13 

350cc Class

PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
177 Linton Irwin 350cc Honda2956 Race Wins2018 Champion
224 George Stinson 350cc Honda1733 Race Wins 
317 Nicky Lamb 350cc Honda1693 Race Wins 
446 Mark Johnston 350cc Honda141  
544 Billy Dynes 350cc Honda105  
663 Ian Thompson 350cc Honda103  
77 David McVicker 350cc Honda88  
815 Sandy Brown 350cc Honda52  
957 David Crawford 350cc Honda47  
1021 Mark Kirkpatrick 350cc Honda44  

500cc Class

PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
1108 Brian O'Neill 500cc Manx Norton236 2018 Champion
256 Alex Conroy 500cc Honda2157 Race Wins 
326 David Carleton 500cc Honda1666 Race Wins 
451 Andy Kildea 500cc Honda1251 Race Win 
593 Chris Turner 500cc Manx Norton56  
6571 Tomy Felder 493cc Sunbeam16  
75 Gary Jamison 500cc Honda13  
8153 Michael Horner 500cc Honda10 

1000cc Class

PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
138 Alistair Henry 686cc Triton2259 Race Wins2018 Champion
276 Philip Shaw 750cc Yamaha902 Race Wins 
38 John Monteth 636cc Seeley Matchless16 
PlaceNoNameMachinePointsRace Wins 
1190 James Cunningham 1000cc F1 Suzuki37511 Race Wins2018 Champion
210 George Thompson 750cc F1 Suzuki3408 Race Wins

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